Scalp Training: Part 2

Why bother with scalp training?

Well, the problem is when you spend your whole life washing your hair daily, your hair gets used to it! When you try to skip a day, you over-produce oil and then your hair is greasy. Supposedly, not washing it (scalp training) as much will ‘train’ your scalp to stop getting as greasy.

Sulphates are also known to make your hair more greasy, as they do ‘too good’ a job at washing your hair. They strip the natural oil out of your hair and cause your scalp to produce more oil to make up for it.…

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Why you shouldn’t be offended when I say I’m fat

I am a fat person.

This, to me, is factual statement, it’s not an opinion, it’s not a degrading horrible comment that I use to put myself down. It’s a statement.

Some people eat a lot, I am one of those people. I don’t claim that anything else did the trick. I eat. End of story.

So yes, I am fat. And you shouldn’t be offended by that statement.

Of course, if someone runs up to me and calls me fat – completely out of the blue, as an insult, then yes that would be offensive. If you use my weight to degrade me, then of course that is offensive.…

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June Goals during a pandemic

I’ve seen a lot of people posting ‘June Goals’ on Twitter today, and it’s got me thinking about what mine should be. It’s really hard to make goals in the middle of a pandemic.

Three months ago I decided I was going to go travelling next year, and applied for an ‘international experience Canada visa’.

Now, they’ve stopped the whole application process due to Covid-19. So, how can I make goals when I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow?

I have a feeling that I am not the only person in this predicament. Quite frankly, it’s scared me.…

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Scalp training – what am I doing?

About 3 weeks ago I just suddenly got fed up of washing my hair all the time. I have type 2A hair and wash my hair daily. I get up the next morning and what do I see? Grease. So much grease. This would be fine if I didn’t colour my hair regularly, but I do. Naturally, washing my hair with normal shampoo everyday makes the colour change. I did a google search and discovered something called ‘scalp training’.

At the moment, my only focus is on not washing my hair as often. So I’m scheduling my hair washing days. I’m trying to get down to once a week, and given we’re currently in lockdown I figured I’d just go all out straight away.…

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What if you’re too tired to blog today?

The answer is simple: write a blog about it.

Obviously, this is my way of saying I am too tired right now. I did a night shift last night, and I don’t have it in me to write some insightful post that’s going to change the world.

As I stated in my previous blog, I promised myself I’d write something everyday. Why? Because I’m probably the flakiest person I’ve ever met.

I get headaches everyday, I am always tired and I struggle with social interaction these days. So yep, I’m flaky!

It’s about making new habits!

To make a habit, you have to do the thing in the first place, repeatedly.…

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My experience with a vitamin deficiency

Source: Unsplash

In November 2019, I had the classic symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. My hair was falling out. I suddenly stopped being able to get out of bed every morning. To get up for work I’d have to essentially throw myself on the floor, so when I wasn’t getting up for work and my daily plans seemed more ‘optional’ I just wouldn’t get up at all.

I have had anaemia previously and said on a few occasions that it felt similar to when I was anaemic.

You know what I didn’t do? Go to the doctor about it. I just let it carry on.…

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Click here for more information.

So it’s that time of year again. Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 18th May – 24th May in the United Kingdom.

This year the theme is kindness.

Why kindness?

Well, I’d very much assume it has something to do with the Caroline Flack situation.

For those of you who live in a bubble, I’m not going to great depths to explain who Caroline Flack is, or what happened. Please feel free to click here for the Google Search.

Caroline Flacks death was one that rocked the nation. It shocked everyone. On December 5th 2019, Caroline wrote on Instagram:

Since this event, we have entered a world in which a pandemic has taken over.…

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What does body positive mean, really?

photo source: unsplash

I always read comments from people stating that body positive = promoting obesity. Here’s the cold hard fat: people are already obese. 42.4% of Americans were obese in 2017. That’s almost half.

So heres the deal, we already know being obese isn’t good for you. 99% of obese people are not going to try and tell you that you need to get fat. Why? Because it’s not good for you. We’re not deluded, we know it’s not good. The point is we’re already obese.

Here’s the other thing: nearly all of us have tried dieting. Up to 50% of women are dieting, and 90% of teenagers.

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That’s So Raven ‘ “That’s So Not Raven’ body positive episode.

Right now I’ve been re-watching Disney’s That’s So Raven. My inner child is living for it. As an adult I’m shocked at how good this show still is! I re-watched Lizzie McGuire also, however it just felt like it was missing something. That’s So Raven seems to be geared more towards teenagers, whereas Lizzie McGuire seems to be for younger children.

In Season 2, Episode 8, Raven creates a dress and models it as part of a competition. Raven makes the final and gets put into a magazine, and they completely alter her body shape.…

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Finding a hobby when your only hobby is Netflix

Photo by Christophe Libert from FreeImage

This year my main goal was to find a hobby. That might sound stupid to some people, but I’ve always been the person who’s hobby is ‘binge watching Netflix’.

I wasn’t really sure on what to do with this. How do you suddenly discover a hobby you enjoy? We did it as children, so why can’t we do it as an adult?

I wanted to find a hobby that wasn’t the generic ‘reading, walking, animals’, because I think sometimes it just sounds very ‘sameish’ and right now that’s all I’ve got. If you saw my CV in a crowd of CVs you’d think ‘Why would I hire her?…

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